Upcoming Products In February

Ready for Fabulous February product releases?

Persona 5

Brace yourselves! We are stocking up on sleeves from the much anticipated game, PERSONA 5. Yes, that’s right, the Japanese WS Persona 5 trading cards were released just last month (December)!

You don’t have to be a phantom thief to have these charming designs in your sleeve collection!

p5sleeves_1_bushiroadsleevecollection243 p5sleeves_2_bushiroadsleevecollection243 p5sleeves_3_bushiroadsleevecollection243 p5sleeves_4_bushiroadsleevecollection243

Bushiroad Sleeve Collection『Persona 5』Vol.1200
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Persona 5『JOKER&Arsène』Vol.1201
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Persona 5『PANTHER&Carmen』Vol.1203
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Persona 5『NAVI&Necronomicon』Vol.1205

For non-idol products, I think that’s about everyth- oh wait!


Let’s not forget the 2 lovely ladies of 2016. Are you #teamEmilia or #teamRem ?
*Some of the products are subjected to region availability.

rezerosleeves_1_bushiroadsleevecollection241 rezerosleeves_2_bushiroadsleevecollection241

Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Re: Life in a different world from zero『Emilia』Part.3 Vol.1185
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Re: Life in a different world from zero『Rem』Part.3 Vol.1186

Did that tug on your heartstrings? (¬‿¬)

How about adding more cuteness to your daily life with our Re:Zero Rubber Mascots? Equipped with a suction cup, you can stick your favourite characters anywhere – on your phone, your windows or your desktop etc.
*Some of the products are subjected to region availability.

rezerorubbermascotsuctioncup_9  rezerorubbermascotsuctioncup_2 rezerorubbermascotsuctioncup_3 rezerorubbermascotsuctioncup_4 rezerorubbermascotsuctioncup_5 rezerorubbermascotsuctioncup_6 rezerorubbermascotsuctioncup_7 rezerorubbermascotsuctioncup_8rezerorubbermascotsuctioncup_1

Cardfight!! Vanguard

Calling all Worldwide Vanguard fans – We heard you!

4c_VG_G_sleeve01_2 4c_VG_G_sleeve02_2 4c_VG_G_sleeve03_2

The premium Monthly Bushiroad magazine Mini Sleeve Collection Vol. 1, previously ONLY AVAILABLE IN JAPAN, is now up for grabs! But here’s the catch; similar to the playmats released on Jan 24th, they are limited edition! Grab them while stocks last!

P.S. They are cheaper in sets!

BanG Dream!

Have you caught the first few episodes of BanG Dream! Animation?  It’s the first anime that has a voice cast that actually plays as a band outside of the series, so please show some support!

In line with our anime release, we will be introducing a slew of BanG Dream merchandises every month!

BanG Dream! Multi- sticker vol.2


BanG Dream! Acrylic Key Holder


BanG Dream! Record Coaster


On top of that, we will constantly be scouting for exclusive, premium products from Japan, just for you! If you have specific items that you are looking for, drop us an email onlineshop@global.bushiroad.com and we’ll see if we can help!

Some of you have personally sent in requests for Chaos Matsuri 2016 products and we would like to tell you…

…that your prayers have been heard! Chaos Matsuri 2016 goods will be coming your way in February!! Just in time for Rem and Ram’s birthday and Rewrite season 2!

EDIT: There has been a delay in shipment. Chaos Matsuri goods will be launched on 31st March 2017 instead. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.




That’s all from us – see you next month!

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  1. Kevin phang says:

    Can I subscribe and get an update when I can order these sleevees, and product like these in the future?i would love to order some next time

    • admin says:

      HI Kevin! Do signup for our newsletter to receive updates on sleeves arrivals in the future. The subcription button can be found at the footer of our webpage ! Thank you so much and have a nice day! Looking forward to receiving your orders.

    • admin says:

      Hi Peter! Yes there will be new Buddyfight stuff in the later months. Possibly around April/May! Stay tune for updates! Let us know if you have anymore queries, we would be happy to assist. Have a nice day!

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