Upcoming Products in January 2018

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to move into 2018 proper and we’re starting it off with some awesome card products for this month!

Cardfight!! Vanguard

Bushiroad Special Mini Sleeve Collection Vol. 3


Released just last month in Japan, this sleeve collection features 3 sleeves made using the most popular illustrations from Gekkan Bushiroad covers over the past year. The first is the cover of the December 2016 issue, featuring the Striders team. The second is June 2017 issue’s cover, with the members of TRY3 amidst the lightening rain. Last, we have the April 2017 issue’s cover, featuring four images of Aichi from different stages of his life.
These sleeves have received a high grade treatment, with elements of their design sparkling in the light. Each pack comes with 53 sleeves so you’ll be able to fit your main deck in with some spares!

Bushiroad Mini Sleeve Collection Vol. 310 Mark of Gyze

Featuring the mark of the Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze, these sleeves will fill you with the power of the six Zeroth Dragons! There’s 70 sleeves in a pack as well, so there’s enough for both your main deck as well as your G units.

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World [Cancelled]

Due to licensing issues, we are really sorry to inform everyone that the following products will not be sold on the online shop. We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Extra

Vol. 225 Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World “Emilia” Tokonatsu Ver.
Vol. 226 Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World “Rem” Tokonatsu Ver.
Vol. 227 Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World “Ram” Tokonatsu Ver.

Bushiroad Playmat Collection Extra

Vol. 86 Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Tokonatsu Ver.


If the winter is getting you down, then it’s time to warm your heart with some cute girls brimming with summer vibe!
These card supplies may seem a little out of season, but who can deny the allure of cute girls in beachwear? Support your best girl by sporting her sleeves on your deck, and maybe you might even distract your opponent enough into making misplays. 😉

That’s all we have for this month! We hope you have a great start to the year, and we’ll be back with some great stuff for our BanG Dreamers in February!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a comment or PM us on our social media channels.
Thank you and we look forward to receiving your orders!
See you all again next month~

One thought on “Upcoming Products in January 2018

  1. jerrod says:

    would be good if the bushiroad shop also sold some of the promo cards that player in the west havent received like the vanguard promo knight of dedication jeanne. just whatever way we can get the promo cards we get heavily skipped over in vanguard weiss and buddyfight that once forgotten we will still never get. (blaster blade burst!!!)

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