The following are the terms and conditions (the “Program Terms”) governing the Bushiroad Online Shop Rewards Program (the “Program”) owned and operated by Bushiroad International Pte Ltd (“Bushiroad”) and offered to bushiroad-shop.com customers (“Customer(s)”) that have a valid Bushiroad Online Shop (BOS) Account (an “Account”).


By participating in the Program, Customer(s) can earn BushiPoints (“BRP”) subject to these Program Terms and BOS Account balance and availability. Customer(s) must have and use a valid Account to earn BRP by making purchases and using services through Bushiroad. Continued use of an Account and participation in the Program constitutes Customer’s consent and agreement to abide by the most current version of these Program Terms as may be posted from time to time at https://bushiroad-shop.com. Customer(s) are responsible for remaining knowledgeable as to any changes that Bushiroad may make to these Terms and Conditions. Customer(s) must be signed into their Account to earn BRP.


Customer(s) will automatically become eligible and will begin to earn BRP by establishing an Account. To qualify for BRP, you must be logged into your account and make purchases by using the payment methods qualified by Bushiroad. The qualified methods are specified in the website by Bushiroad, including credit and debit cards. You can earn BRP when you redeem BRP to pay fully or a part of the order. You cannot earn BRP by checking out as a guest (not-logged into your account). BRP may be earned at a rate of one (1) BRP for each Singapore dollar (SGD) spent to purchase (excluding shipping fees, taxes and any other fees associated with the order) up to a maximum of One Thousand (1,000) BRP per order on Bushiroad Online Shop. Maximum BRP allowed for accrual may vary, depending on the promotion. Number of BRP you earn is messaged on promotional banners, and at the checkout section.
Qualifying standard BRP will be available in your account for redemption once the order has shipped
Bushiroad will specify its websites, services, and transactions where Customer(s) can earn BRP (“Reward Transaction”), the percentage rate of BRP to be awarded, as well as other conditions for awarding BRP. Bushiroad will make the said information available to Customer(s) by posting it on a designated website. Whether a specific transaction qualifies for BRP, as well as the percentage rates of BRP to be awarded and expiration date of BRP may vary depending on the merchant, type of transaction, or type of service used. BRP will be awarded after a certain period of time has passed as specified by Bushiroad once a Reward Transaction takes place. In the event that Bushiroad confirms that a Reward Transaction has been cancelled or any of the products purchased under the Reward Transaction have been returned, BRP will not be awarded. In the event that the value of the purchase under a Reward Transaction has changed after it has taken place, BRP will be given based on the revised value. Bushiroad will make the final decision on whether or not to award BRP for transactions, the number of BRP to be awarded, and other matters related to awarding of BRP. Customer(s) will abide by its decision.


Bushiroad reserves the right to monitor all BRP activity in any Customer(s) Account. Bushiroad also reserves the right to adjust the number of BRP in any Customer Account that does not indicate the correct number of BRP as determined by Bushiroad in its reasonable sole discretion. Finally, Bushiroad reserves the right to rescind all pending or available BRP for any orders that are cancelled, refunded, or returned at any time. When any item is refunded for any reason, but if you earn BRP from the purchase of the item and redeem this BRP for another purchase, then Bushiroad reserves the right to withhold the dollar amount(s) that are equal to BRP which you redeemed for another purchase and deduct such amounts from the refund. If you purchased the original item by both BRP and other payment method, Bushiroad will deduct the above amounts from the portion paid in BRP first and then from the other portion paid in other payment method. Bushiroad reserves the right to cancel or freeze pending and available BRP credited to an Account if that Account shows signs of fraud, abuse, illegal or otherwise suspicious activity as determined by Company in its sole discretion. In such event, Bushiroad reserves the right to pursue all legal remedies and actions available to it including legal action to recover any damages incurred by Bushiroad in connection with such improper activity.

BRP are offered as promotional items and are void if sold for cash or other consideration or if altered or copied. BRP cannot be reissued if destroyed, lost, or stolen. BRP have no intrinsic value, are not equivalent to cash, and may not be redeemed for cash. BRP may not be purchased or sold by Customer(s) and Bushiroad will not sell BRP. BRP are the property of Bushiroad and Customer(s) have no property rights or other legal interests in the BRP. BRP are not valid where their earning or redemption is prohibited by law.

Bushipoints are not cash or currency and cannot be transferred, credited to another account, or redeemed for cash.


Except for BRP earned through a purchase, BRP expire on the date that is One (1) year after the BRP becomes available for use. Any expiry information mentioned in the Account is always in Universal time (UTC) +8 basis. If you earn more BRP before the expiration date, all unused points are renewed for another one (1) year unless mentioned otherwise. Once expired, BRP will not be reinstated. If you cancel the Account, you’ll lose access to all earned and accumulated BRP.


Customer(s) must have a sufficient amount of available and eligible BRP in their Account to qualify for a price reduction when redeeming BRP. BRP are not eligible for redemption until they are displayed as available BRP in the Account. All redemptions of BRP are final and may not be cancelled. Available BRP may be used to reduce the price of an item at checkout at the rate of One (1) BRP per One cent (Singapore Dollars) (SGD$0.01) deduction from the total of the order. A Customer(s) may redeem up to a maximum of 50% of the total purchase amount per purchase. BRP can be redeemed when using the payment methods by Bushiroad. When Customer uses payment method (including credit card or debit card) and redeems BRP for an order and then the order is partially cancelled, the refund for the partial order will be paid to Customer in the way specified by Bushiroad Online Shop.


Bushiroad may offer special limited-time promotional opportunities to earn a greater amount of BRP for purchases of goods and services. All BRP earned during those promotions are subject to these Program Terms as well as any additional terms and conditions that may be provided with the promotion and any attempt to claim any associated BRP constitutes Customer’s consent and agreement to abide by the terms of that promotional offer.

BRP promotions begin and end on the days and at the times specified in the associated promotional offer. Any Percentage Back awards described in the offer will be awarded in the form of BRP. The BRP that will be awarded in conjunction with any purchase are viewable at checkout. Customers must complete the checkout process before the specified time on the last day of the promotional period. The maximum award may vary, depending on the promotion. Number of BRP you earn is messaged on promotional banners, and at checkout section. Bushiroad reserves the right to void any award of BRP associated with orders that do not completely follow these requirements. BRP are only offered to, and may be earned and redeemed only by, Customer(s) of Bushiroad. These promotions cannot be combined with any other discounts unless otherwise stated.